Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

I ran into this blog carnival weeks ago, but this week I have an entry, so here goes...
Not Me Monday is where we all share things that we certainly didn't do this week (because it would be terrible to admit if we actually did do them, right?!)
So, I'll be brief:
I didn't let my kids eat cookies for breakfast today (because we didn't have a whole bunch of them sitting around from the cookie exchange yesterday), and I definitely didn't eat cookies for breakfast myself.
I don't have more than half of my Christmas sewing to do, because I have not been spending all my time focused on trying to finish knitting the little Bear's sweater (which actually really isn't a gift, it's just something I want to get done). (One cuff to go!)
And I absolutely didn't decide to scrap the family christmas letter this year, only to change my mind on the 20th and throw together a digital one....naw, definitely did NOT do that!

See what everybody else didn't do by visiting here!


LucieP said...

I think during Christmas especially, cookies are an acceptable form of sole nutrition...even if it's just the batter. They were my dinner Friday and breakfast today!

Mallory said...

I definitely did NOT eat a whole pan of homemade fudge all by myself within a week. Nope. Didn't. (By the way, Mozilla Firefox doesn't have a problem with your blog like Explorer did, so I'm back to read and comment! yay!)

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