Friday, December 26, 2008

Facebook Nurse-In

You know what a nurse-in is, right? It's like a sit-in, only with nursing. ☺
When someone says or does something rude to a breastfeeder, the militant lactivists (lactation activists) of the world unite and go stage a nurse-in. I've always wanted to join one, but never had the chance...until now. So what if it's just a virtual nurse-in, it's a nurse-in, and I'm there!!
<------ I posted this picture on my facebook profile, along with the status "J likes to nurse her kiddo in public, and would like to remind Facebook and everyone else that she has a legal right to do so!" Why are we doing this? Well, a lot of facebookers have been flagging breastfeeding photos as obscene, and facebook takes them down. Now I am a staunch believer in utilizing a certain amount of modesty and deorum when nursing in public, however the only way to normalize nursing in public is to NURSE IN PUBLIC, and a little boob flashing is bound to happen from time to time. Nope, I didn't post a boob-flashing picture, (although I thought about posting this one...Wolf said the other one was better though, and for FB, I had to agree...) but lucky you, you get to see it here. ☺

So, if you're on facebook, and believe in nursing, take a few minutes to go change your profile picture and status to join the nurse-in!

ETA--new status says "J thinks Facebook's sidebar ads show more skin than most breastfeeding pictures...who is 'obscene' now?!"


Cynthia said...

Well, good for you. I couldn't nurse my twins because they started way too small (2 lb. range) but I pumped religiously for 6 months for them. Once, I even did it in the car while we were driving in the middle of nowhere. My husband said "what if a trucker comes by and sees?" How much of a free show did he think the dude would get as we passed at 65 mph?

Kimberlee said...

J is right about the side ads.
I'll try and get my profile picture changed.

Kimberlee said...

This was on our local news


Makita said...

Beautiful picture!

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