Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some Things I Have Learned

I finally decided to jump in and participate in Rocks In My Dryer's "Works For Me Wednesday" this week...only this week she's doing a special "Doesn't Work For Me" where we all get to share stories of things gone horribly wrong.

*cue evil laugh*

Well, let's see...

I have learned that one should NOT try to substitute dish soap for dishwasher soap. Not even just for half of the cup.

Even the most EC proficient baby held in the proper manner over a proper receptacle still needs some help aiming...

Also, I will totally copy what someone else already said and repeat that disposable diapers do not work for me. They leak, they stink...oh yeah, and they destroy the earth. Ewww. I love cloth.
I will repeat myself, and say that disposable menstrual products don't work for me either. They leak, they stink, they destroy...hey, haven't I heard that recently somewhere?!

Finally, I have learned that Nair hair removal lotion is bad news: I tried it 7 years ago and it STILL gives me the willies to think how much it stung. It also was not successful at removing my leg hair--which is neither thick nor dark. Nevermind that I have since given up shaving my legs altogether. Nair is still a painful memory, and worth warning the world about!

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Kimberlee said...

I've done the dish soap/dish washing soap. It didn't work for me either.

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