Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Really?

Tonight I was washing dishes, and Hubby was setting the table for dinner. He reached to grab two clean (but wet) plates from the drying rack...
Me: There are dry ones in the cupboard, why don't you use them?
Hubby: These aren't that wet
Me: Yes, but you see if you take those then it will take me longer to fill up the rack.
Hubby: Oh I see, so when it's full you stop washing?
Me: Yup. I figure I'll never get totally caught up, so I just fill the rack a couple times a day.
Hubby: When I do dishes I dry them and then fill the rack again [in fairness, I do fit a lot more in the rack than he does]. I do that until the sink is empty...and when the sink is empty I am less likely to leave stuff in it--I'll wash it right away to keep the sink clean.
Me: I don't have the energy to keep up with that, so I just fill the rack.
Hubby: It's true, I don't do the dishes that often...
Me: Yup
Hubby: ...unless I'm really mad at you, then I take it out on the dishes. I can get the kitchen really clean..... [trails off as he realizes what he said]
Me: Really? What can I do to anger you tonight dear?!

To be fair, I have been known to take out my frustrations by cleaning too.

And, well, if you visit our cluttered little house, you'll realize that we don't get mad at each other very often. We're too busy laughing at ourselves and having deep conversations like this one.


katef - said...

he he he he
Interesting that your DH cleans when angry - I have been known to do that too... but what I really like to do is garden, specifically hack back some over grown creeper with large sharp shears.... hmm.. I wonder what that says about me???

Joy said...

I always just fill the rack too! (no dishwasher here.) I'm never caught up on the dishes, sigh. But I don't let people dry them with towels because air drying is more sanitary. . . and easier, LOL.

liss n kids said...

God, how I wish my husband would clean when he's mad at me! I can barely get him to clean when he's afraid of in, afraid that I will explode all over if I take one more step that sticks to the floor!
Your blog is fun to read! :)

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