Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I miss my brain

I would like to call them blond moments...but I'm not blond. It might be easier if I could blame this month on my hair color... Or call them "senior moments" and blame them on my age. But at 28 I don't think I can get away with that. Post-baby mommy brain-melt? I don't know what to call it. But suffice it to say that this last month I have had more than the expected number of extraordinarily brainless moments.

It started with the pan. You remember the pan? Nice, steel pan and I melted the thing.

Then I had run out of shampoo, so I bought more. Actually I needed conditioner too. So I went to the appropriate part of the store and was opening and sniffing bottle after bottle (3/4 of synthetic scents give me headaches, so I have to be very picky with my shampoo). I found two citrus somethings and brought them home. It was not until the 3rd or 4th time that I used my new products that I noticed something...
They were both shampoo. Well, one was clear and one was opaque, it looked like a shampoo and a conditioner! But it wasn't. No wonder my hair had been so unhappy. I had blamed it on the post-baby fall-out, but obviously that was only a part of the problem, and most of the blame belonged to my lack of brain.

So then Wolf had a big overnight field trip across the bay with his 4th grade class. They went to a marine biology field center to study tide pools and other groovy ocean stuff. When he got home he--and all his stuff--smelled like old seaweed. Of course I had expected that, and put everything straight into the washing machine. What I hadn't noticed was the red hat... so for the first time in my life, I turned white socks pink in the wash. I never did it in college, never when I was new to laundry...but now I did. They were new socks too, and of course they belong to my son rather than to me. I could wear pink socks, but a 9 year old boy will get teased unmercifully if he shows up to school in pink socks. And they are very pink. (Fingers crossed that oxy-clean will save them!!)

I know everybody has moments, but three in three weeks, well, it leaves me feeling a bit dense.


Aprillium said...

Wow, ya... I have those "brain fart" moments ALL THE TIME. I just say my kids not only sucked the life out of my boobs but also got some of me braincells in the mix :)

Katie said...

Between the two of us, my husband and I ruined 2 or 3 nice wool sweaters the first year or two of marriage.

Kate said...

Growing up, my mother called them my "redhead airhead" moments since I am in fact a redhead and couldn't be called blond.

I'm awaiting the birth of my first and find myself more clumsy than usual. (i.e. spilling a whole cup of water on the kitchen floor while trying to pour it into the dog dish; taking the door facing out with my knuckles while carrying the laundry basket; tripping over the 1/4" threshold on my front door) I'm hoping it's temporary.

Amy said...

To quote my dad... "Blonde is a lifestyle, not a follicle color." ;-)

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