Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some Things are Heavy

I admit that the English teacher in me cringes at the grammar in this quote, but I think the message is a very good one, so I have left it intact rather than try to say it myself.

"If all your life you never do anything heavy, there’s certain passages in life that are heavy. Having a baby, for instance, is one. If you be a total paddy-@$$ all your life, they’re going to have to knock you out when you have your kid, because you’re going to be too chicken to have it. And if you do something that builds character ahead of time, you’ll have enough character that you can have that kid, and it will be a beautiful and spiritual experience for you."
~~Stephen Gaskin (husband and co-midwife of Ina May Gaskin)

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Jessica said...

I really like that idea... In fact, before I had my first baby, my midwife asked me to tell her about the hardest thing I'd ever done. When I told her, she assured me that I would be able to handle childbirth. I think that was the most helpful thing anyone told me prior to my first birth.

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