Monday, August 17, 2009


It's a curious thing, what makes a place Home. I don't mean home (with a little 'h')--a place where you return to every night. I mean Home (with the big 'H')--the place where you can always go (WILL always go) in your mind, the place you will always think of as where you are from (regardless of how long you lived there, or how long since you left).
For most of us, I think Home starts as the place where we were raised--but only if we were raised in one area for most of our formative years. For me, that was western Washington until I was 26 (in spite of living several other places). Then in that summer I moved somewhere and discovered that I had come home to a place I'd never been before (to borrow a phrase from John Denver!), and from that time onwards Alaska was Home. However Pelican still was not Home. Yes, I lived there for two years, and there were a number of things I liked about the place...but I was ever so ready to leave when we left, and I feel no desire to return.

We have now been in our new home for a whole 10 days though, and I have the feeling that this place may be Home.

As for a brief moving update... most (but not all) of the boxes are unpacked.
We don't have a couch or a desk or any dressers or shelves.
We did buy a bed for us, but the boys are sleeping on the floor (they seem to prefer that a lot of the time even when they have beds, so we're waiting for october and the PFDs to buy their beds).
My in-laws are bringing the remainder of our boxes up in two weeks, and until then I have only a half-stocked kitchen (two pans and no measuring cups/spoons!) and three bath towels for a family of 4 (I'm not about to buy more though when I know they are coming in the boxes).
Getting into the apartment (between moving expenses, rent, deposit, etc) has left us basically totally I'm cooking on a SERIOUS budget right now. It makes things interesting, if not always exciting. ☺
Wolf is enrolled to start school next monday, Hubby has already been to 4 days of inservice meetings and has 4 more till he starts teaching, and Bear is, um, skipping a lot of naps. Yeah, he'll get settled in better once school starts and we have a more normal routine. ☺


Carrie said...

Thanks for the update! I was curious about how the moving craziness was going!

Lisa said...

Yay, that's wonderful! I'm so happy you made it! I met a lady from your stake at the workshop I taught at, and she loves that area. Good luck settling in!

annie2006 said...

phew u must be rushed off your feet at the moment!
we moved to a new place last year and it definitely classes as home now for me, whereas the last place we lived, even tho we lived there 3 years was never home!

megandjon said...

It's like camping in your home! Good luck figuring it out till you get more stuff, and another paycheck! I totally understand! Also, just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I too grew up in Western Washington and will call it Home for forever, but I have always had a deep NEED to get to Alaska. Someday! You're lucky to live there!

Mallory said...

Congrats on being Home! Good luck getting everything you need and organizing your stuff. I had to cook without measuring cups/spoons was a pretty fun adventure!

Janeen said...

My husband and I are still trying to figure out where home is. It's not here in Korea, that's for sure. lol Though, that is an adventure in and of itself. Someday I hope we'll figure it out.

As for moving into a place with not a lot of stuff, we've had to buy stuff for this apartment, pretty much everything from scratch including the measuring cup! Fortunately, my husband will get reimbursed for most of it. But yeah, the first couple of days were a challenge.

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