Sunday, August 31, 2008

Success in the Home

"No other success
can compensate for
failure in the home."

David O McKay
(LDS prophet, and president of the church 1951-1970 Learn about him here)


Carrie said...

I agree! I was reading an article today that said that most women are giving up on BF'ing their babies. All the comments said that the reason they couldn't BF is because they HAD to work.

I realize that some women do need to work, but mostly it is the materialistic lifestyle that they live. If they made some sacrifices they probably wouldn't have to work, or at least would only need to work part time.

Way to be a blogger missionary btw.

Becky said...

This is so true! I love this quote; it motivates me to work hard even if I feel stuck. I know that what I do as a mom is unbelievably important and my kids deserve to have a mom who knows that.

Last month at the health clinic, both my kids had a check up. The nurse asked me if I got to stay at home with them and when I said yes, she told me how lucky I was. And I really am. I love my job!

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