Sunday, August 10, 2008


Bear is talking more and more every day. As he acquires new words he uses them in a variety of contexts, presumably trying to narrow down what the word actually means. For example, he learned ‘abbow’ (apple) and now applies the word to all food items—both solid and liquid.
Bear: “Abbow!” [pointing to the box of crackers]
Me: “Do you want an apple [pointing] or a cracker [pointing]?”
“Abbow!” [grabbing his sippy cup and taking a drink]
“Did you just want a drink?”
“Abbow!” [dropping cup and running down the hall]
It used to be “mama” which meant both mommy and nursing, as well as any other food he wanted. Thankfully now ‘mama’ is only me. Well, ok, sometimes ‘mama’ means daddy too. Or grandma.

He has also been learning about ‘no.’ In his vocabulary, it is not a retort or an angry word, it is more an explanation. For example, the other night I came around the corner to find Bear with a handful of everyone’s toothbrushes. He saw me coming, grinned, and held out all the toothbrushes and said “no no no!” As in, “yes mommy, I know I should not be playing with these!” He does the same thing with the remote control.

“Buh-bye” means ‘goodbye,’ ‘goodnight,’ and sometimes ‘I can’t see it’ (usually followed by “[peek-a]-Boo!”) It also sounds dangerously close to “buh-buh” which is ‘diaper’ (or sometimes ‘bottom’).

I love kids.


Summer said...

Awww, how cute! Little ones are so adorable. :)

TopHat said...

Wow! That's great that he's getting so vebal.

And I love the "no no no"!

Becky said...

Funny stuff! When Riley was just learning to talk, sometimes he would repeat a phrase over and over and OVER, but I just couldn't get it. Of course, as soon Dad came home, he'd know exactly what the boy was trying to say. Figures. :)

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