Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Music Moment #1

In honor of the little Bear, who feels music like August Rush did, I have decided to start Music Moments (something I'd been considering for a while anyway...because we all know I need one more series on this blog!) So now and then I'll share a song I particularly like. Lucky you!

Bear hums along with the buzz of my sewing machine. He dances to any and all music. He steals daddy's headphones and puts the on and runs up and down the hall in glee. He bops his head along with the beat. If I say 'ooo' to him, he will change his pitch to match mine. He is an extraordinarily musical child.
I typically don't like music on webpages or blogs (because I usually have multiple windows open so they all moosh together and sound terrible) so I usually keep the sound turned off on my computer. But this morning I happened to notice the song that was queued up on a blog, so I let it play...Bear danced and I sang along to him. I know this song is intended as a romantic song between adults, but really all but one line are beautifully applicable to mothers and children. So keep that in mind as you listen.

By the way, the music video is kinda goofy, Hubby doesn't like it at all; I think it's cute. Regardless, this isn't it.


Anonymous said...

I love that song. :) There was a cute video of her singing it at a Borders (or something) where she had the audience do the clapping part. The music teacher in me thought that was cool.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wow girl, you have lots of blogs! I wasn't sure which one to choose to visit you! But I wanted to say, in response to your comment to me about alphabetizing spices, you crack me up! Why would you NOT alphabetize your spices? That is such a Type A thing to say, because I would say it too! Ha! :)

Carolyn said...

I love that song! One of my favorites.

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