Thursday, October 4, 2007


So, S is most definitely in the 'eat everything' stage. The most serious issue on my mind now is, what things do I take away, and what things do I just let him go ahead and chew on?!
Here are a few of the things I've found in his mouth this week:
*the dog's bone (a real bone)
*a rock (his brother keeps interesting things in his room!)
*a broom (yes, a regular 4 ft broom--he knocks it over and goes for the bristles)
So, I take away the doggie bone, shoes, and newspaper...but I confess I just let him keep the rock. He really really wanted it, and it was too big to choke on. He was already chewing on it, so it's not as though taking it away would spare him some germs, you know?
Am I a terrible mother?!


cathryn said...

Of course not. I'm about the same as you. People probably are horrified when they see my "not caring" that my daughter is chewing on something or other. But I'm just not a worrier anymore. I used to be. Don't know exactly what's changed... Maybe just stuff I worry about. Funny how I'd probably just let her keep right on gnawing on a rock that's been out in the wilderness, but I've taken away a high fructose corn syrup/high sugar cookie before. Somehow it seems the stuff she might get off the rock is closer to actual food than whatever was in that cookie!

Mae said...

Yeah, my rules on what goes in my nephew's mouth are pretty lax. Can he choke on it? Is it any more germ-infested than his hands? If he breaks it, was it expensive? Probably not...

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