Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thoughts on Candidates

So, it's hard to keep track of who says what, and with so many candidates out there, each trying to make himself look grand, how do I know who I agree with anyway? I don't know that this is necessarily the pefect answer, but it does go through all the big issues, asks whether I support it or not and how important it is to me, and thus helps me find the candidate who at least seems most like me. What fun! At least it helps narrow the field a little.

I am a 70.37% match with Joseph Biden, D.

the other high hitters:
D Mike Gravel 62.96% (he's from Alaska!)
D Hillary Clinton 62.96% (Oh my gosh, I'm shocked!)
R Ron Paul 59.26%
D Christopher Dodd 59.26%

and the other big names:

D Barak Obama 55.56%
D John Edwards 48.15%
R Rudy Giuliani 48.15%
R Fred Thompson 44.44%
R Mitt Romney 40.74% (only one came in lower...see, toldja I wasn't a fan, even if he is LDS)

You can try it out by clicking on this:


Bryan R. Terry said...

I matched highest with the Hapy Little Elf, Dennis Kucinich (82.35%)! The next nearest candidates were Mike Gravel (65.59%), Hillary Clinton (61.76%) and Bill Richardson (61.76%).

Barack Obama (the candidate I'm actually pulling for) was at near the middle (52.94%) with Ron Paul (44.12%) and John McCain (32.35%).

Rudy Guiliani was second to last (11.76%) and Mitt Romney was DEAD LAST at 8.82%!! That does my heart some good to see!!

NessaAnn said...

I took the test, but my results would probably be, ummmmm, controversial with anyone who actually reads your blog! ha ha ha. What I wanted to say, re Ron Paul, is that there seem to be a lot of good independent little guys like him, there always are, but I hate to vote for them because (and I realize this is also a hotly debated topic) I feel like voting for them is throwing my vote away. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

The comment made by nessaann is a classic American viewpoint. I feel strongly that following that view is ultimately a large mistake. Don't we all complain about choosing between the Dem. and Rep.?? I know tons of people that mention that they voted for _____(put in a name from almost any election for the last 100 years) and explained that he was the lesser of two evils. The only way we will ever have more of a choice is to vote strictly by conscience. There are many countries that the winner may only get 20-30% of the vote because there are several front-runners. Also we have had many crummy leaders in the past because so many people say they like X and then vote for Y, well what the politician hears is "I like Y". Telling yoru friends what you really want to see in the government won't change anything, we have to tell the politicians, and they can only really hear two things, votes and $ donations. I beg all who vote for anything to get to know all candidates and vote for teh best one regardless of if you think they will win. They may not but if more of us don't stand up and say what we really want we will always be stuck with the same old crooks!

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