Sunday, October 21, 2007

Me and the Hubby

Since I haven't done it before (and now I've posted a poll about it, and not all of my readers know us in person...)

Here is a picture of me

Here is Hubby (with W--on the way to school)
closer-up pic coming soon, but if you click on the photo itself, it will open a new page with a big version of this photo, and you can see better from there!

For what it's worth, most people tell me that S looks like me...except all my family, who say that he looks like Hubby.


Teresa said...

Is there another picture with your dh up close to see his face better? I think he looks like you as far as I can tell!

Mae said...

Because I've seen baby pictures of you and all your siblings, I definitely see S's resemblance to your side of the family. However, because I've seen enough pictures of D and W, I think he looks a lot like them, too.

Then again I think we automatically look for likeness in family members and see ones where there are none...I also think your youngest brother looks a lot like my nephew, G, in my memory and in reality probably looks nothing like him.

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