Monday, August 13, 2007

We Are Moving

Hubby got a new job. Here. It pays better, and it's in a nicer place. The only downside is the hassle of moving...then again, I'm getting rid of a lot of things that I didnt' really need anyway...yay for freecycle!

And, for all that I've always been pretty vague about where I lived...well, I don't mind coming out and saying straight up that we are moving to a small Alaskan town of 150. Why do I not mind telling you? Well, if you wanted to kidnap a kid, you would pick a job easier than trucking all the way out (6 hour ferry ride) to get one of mine. Furthermore, if you already live in Pelican, well, if my kid goes missing I can visit every house in town in an hour or so, and I'll find my kid. SO, yeah, I don't mind saying exactly where we're living now!

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