Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Pelican Has Landed

Or, rather, we have landed in Pelican.

Well, we are all safely here now. (49th state for me!) Yesterday we had beautiful sunshine as the ferry landed--almost unheard of out here. Everyone keeps telling me that it usually pours as the ferry unloads and everyone comes down to get their groceries etc...murphey's law I suppose. Anyway, yesterday it didn't rain.

Thanks to the prayers of many, I am sure, not one piece of our baggage got lost by the airlines, in spite of having three legs to our trip and on three different airlines. 4 large suitcases and 10 boxes all made it through safely. The biggest mishaps were that a couple of my food storage packages leaked...so the clothing in one suitcase is full of powdered milk, the clothing in another has some hot cocoa powder in it, and the third has a generous sprinkling of cornmeal...but hey, reletively minor stuff. We have our own washer and drier here, so I just need to put everything through a couple of rinses and we should be in good shape.

Oh yes, and security took away my liquid cod liver oil which I had thoughtlessly left in my carry-on. Apparently a sealed bottle of CLO poses a great threat to the other passengers... I might make them all take a dose or something!!! (or, wait, I could sneak into the cockpit and dump it all out on the captain...yeah, that would make us crash for sure!!!) So I am out one $26 bottle of lemon CLO. Thankfully it was on sale, so I'm out less rather than more...and I have capsules too, I just prefer the liquid. I guess now i will have to see if I can mail order it from somewhere.

We don't have internet to our apartment yet, and I'm not sure when we will...I need to make some calls. In the meantime, I have sporadic access here from the school, but I don't know how often I'll utilize it.

From my bedroom window I can look out to the mountains rising out of the water on the other side of the fjord, They have snow on top and waterfalls cascading down the front. Places like this are where God began creation...places like Orem are what got tossed together at the end when He was tired. We are delighted to be all in the same place again (for only the third day of the last three weeks!)

And now I'm off to visit the grocery store and the post office and get myself a library card. :-)

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alisaterry said...

I'm really sorry about your cod liver oil. Not even Israel, which has a high probability of airline hijackings, does the stupid stuff America does.

You are so right about Orem. And lots of parts of Utah. I miss trees so much!!!!

I'm so glad you made it safely.

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