Friday, August 17, 2007

August 17

Today seems to always be a big deal.
In 2005, I had a baby due on this day.
In 2005, I miscarried a (different) baby on this day, which also happened to be my hubby's first day of work at a new teaching job.
In 2006, I felt my baby (S) move on this day
In 2007, S turned 7 months old (yesterday), my hubby has just started a new job, and I'm packing my whole house and family to move to a new world. Trust me, moving to Alaska is much more than just crossing a state border. It's like a new country, a new state of mind...a new world.
I'm so excited!

(I had an additional exciting experience this afternoon after writing the original post... I was packing and realized why it seemed like I had so little clothing in the box--I had forgotten to get out any long-sleeved shirts before we put my dresser in the garage for storage! In 100 degree weather, I guess it's logical to forget such a thing, but it meant that I got to go on an expedition--a sort of a cross between spelunking and mountain climbing--into the depths of my garage to dig out a few long sleeved shirts. After all, this IS Alaska we're moving to!)


Shari said...

I have a day like that too, sort of - on June 30, 2004 I miscarried a baby...then I had a baby due on June 30, 2005 (actually born July 5, little stinker!). Anyway, exciting times for your family -best of luck!!

Paul said...

This is actually in response to the post about moving but I haven't checked the blog lately. ALASKA???
Wow and I thought we were moving far. I hope that you can come back to the continental U.S. But of all people we understand the importance of finding better jobs in remote locations.
-Carpe Diem

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