Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holidays After Loss ~ Special Ornaments

Recently The Amethyst Network has been working on renovating and updating our site and our organization. One new project we are launching is monthly blog circles, where we put up a hosting post and invite other bloggers to share their post on the same theme. This month the theme is "Holidays After a Loss."

customized with birthstone and name

During the first Christmas after my first loss, I had recently become pregnant again, and was very morning sick and honestly not thinking very much about the 3-month-old that I didn't have. One year later, with several more miscarriages behind me, I felt it much more keenly. I wanted a way to keep those babies as part of our Christmas. I remembered that my mother had been given an angel ornament after Amethyst passed away, and I decided to follow suit. Our living children each have their own special ornament, and so I began to purchase angel ornaments for each of my angel children. I have known families who purchased a new angel each year, but I just got one angel per baby (since there were several). Other families might prefer something other than angels, but the idea could still apply as a way to memorialize our little ones, and to keep them as part of our holidays.
Here you can see some of mine.
(the ball has l.e.d. lights so the angel changes color...)
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Michele said...

We have so many ornaments on our tree for our children. Some people made and gave to us, others we picked up along the way, but all of our children- alive and deceased- are remembered. It's so nice. :)

Lempskies said...

I have a few ideas for Christmas after a loss posted on my blog:


It is healing to find meaningful ways to honor the babies we miss.

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