Thursday, November 1, 2012

Between Worlds


All Hallows Eve

All Saints Day and All Souls Day

the Day of the Dead

A time when the veil between worlds is believed to be thin, when those on the other side and those on this side can reach out toward one another, maybe even touch, and exist in the mindful space of knowing that life is eternal, relationships are eternal, and that these cycles will go on and on for always.
One heart inside another, one generation inside another
Many things are on my mind today...
Miscarriage and infant loss awareness month is just behind us and I have been working on projects for The Amethyst Network all month.
A friend who recently passed a due date for a baby who was stillborn two months ago
A friend who just found out she is pregnant (after multiple miscarriages)
A friend who is expecting a baby any day (after a difficult miscarriage almost exactly a year ago) 
My own children who are not with me here, but who sometimes seem to reach out to hold my hand or pat my shoulder
My great great grandmother Juliette who made eye contact with me through a photo this summer and whom I have been trying to learn more about ever since
Many others who have crossed over to that side, whether prematurely or very maturely, and others who are on their way to this side...
Do they see us from their side as rarely as we see them from ours? Or is the veil a one-sided mirror, where they can see us easily, but except in fleeting moments we see only ourselves?

I do not know the ins and outs of life and death.One thing I do know is that the universe and the eternities are bigger than our little minds can know in this human form. I believe in a larger interconnectedness between all generations, all times, all eternities. I believe because of times like now, where the veil is thin and we catch a glimpse between the worlds.


I was thinking about jack o lanterns this morning. A very ordinary squash, but once a year we poke through the crust so that we can see what is inside. We carve a variety of shapes and for a variety of reasons, and then we set a light inside and behold, a simple squash becomes a lantern. When I look at one now I cannot help but think of looking through to a world beyond. I just got to like them a whole lot more.


NessaAnn said...

I listened to a fantastic NPR interview a while back where the interviewer asked Robert Millett about the ministering of angels. He said he has often felt the spirit of those who have gone beyond, specifically his father, and that it makes sense given Latter-day Saint beliefs in family and the afterlife that the angels who would minister to us are those who love us most. I loved the way he said that. I have totally felt the influence of ministering family angels from beyond the veil, too. As my kids get older, I hope to make October our month of family history, of learning about our family on the far side of the veil and building bonds of love with them. The perfect way to spend the month honoring our beloved dead.

Carrie said...

Last night as I was in the shower pondering the changes in my life the words from the temple veil ceremony kept running through my mind. Over and over. They brought me great comfort and as I read this post I feel they have greater meaning; that despite being unaware of the significance my thoughts were drawn to the other side as they so rarely are. What a blessing you are Jenni! Your thoughts have brought me an added measure of peace which I so desperately need now.

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