Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thoughts on Modesty

I wonder how quickly our children could point out examples of immodesty *outside* of dress. I wonder how many of us wear very conservative clothes to church, but go home to our immodest homes. Or how many of us wear modest clothing to the grocery store, but then go and have very immodest conversations with our friends.

I think to define modesty strictly by how much skin we're showing or where our hemline is to really really miss an opportunity to assess where we are spiritually and what kind of humility we're expressing and make some changes.

~Chelsea Fife (Mormon Matters podcast on "modesty")

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Elizabeth said...

I agree, modesty encompasses so much more than what your hemline is. I feel that it is more about having respect for what Heavenly Father has given you- and being clean from the world. I liked that quote.

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