Thursday, May 12, 2011

Percy Jackson Greek Party

It has come to my attention that I never posted about the Percy Jackson party we had in January. Since we are currently working on a Fablehaven party, I figure I should cover the last one before we start the next one, right? OK then.

Wolf is 10. He loves to read, and he loves to talk about what he's reading. I relate to these sentiments, and have really enjoyed the few times I have been part of a book club. So I thought that Wolf might enjoy a book club, only, being 10, I was pretty sure that he wouldn't want to just sit around and talk about the book.
And then it came to me:

Theme parties based on the books!!

Think of it as a young person's version of a book club, ok? The basic policy is that you should have read the book (or at least one book from the series) in order to attend. We're not really strict about it though.

For those who have not read it, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series puts Greek mythology in a modern setting. They are filled with references to the classic myths, and I thought they were very clever (and intelligent) as well as fun.

As we discussed possible activities for the party, ultimately what Wolf wanted to do was dress up and watch the movie.

So we got the movie from netflix.

I made a bunch of Greek food (which I then mostly neglected to take pictures of): pitas, tzatziki, hummus, and slow-cooked beef (because I didn't have lamb), grapes, grape juice (“wine”), and baklava. The beef, and tzatziki rolled up together in a pita make a gyro, and Hubby and I made those, but the kids seemed to prefer just eating things separate. Everybody especially loved the baklava, it is AMAZING when it's warm!

We all ate our good Greek food, and then made bedsheet togas.

We cut leaves out of construction paper, and then stapled them to yarn to make laurel leaf crowns for our heads.

Then we watched the movie.

oh yeah, I made my hair cool too
Pretty simple stuff. Pretty fun party (although only one other boy came). Apparently after the fact though that friend kept telling everyone else at school what a cool party it had been, and kept asking when the next one would be. So, you see, when we hold the Fablehaven party this weekend, I anticipate a bigger crowd. :)


Kristy said...

Oh my goodness-what a fun idea! I loved those books and just might have to have a themed party sometime soon! I love all the little parties you have and have decided to use some of your fun ideas!

Misso said...

That is soo cool and such dedication on your part. I would be too lazy to do so much. Good you all had so much fun.

jacksonthreesome said...

You are such a cool Mom. I'm a bit of a lurker. I read but don't comment often. I wish we somehow lived closer. You seem like such a neat person from reading your blog.

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