Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Family Goals

I wrote this during the first year of our marriage, and posted it on our wall. I don't actually have a copy on the wall at the moment, but I do go back and look at this periodically, and I continue to feel precisely the same as I did then about what is valuable in family life. So I thought I would share with you.

Academic or vocational achievement in their field of choice

The ability to judge well, and make educated decisions

A love for God and an eternal perspective on life

Of who you are and why you are here

To stand up for who you are and what you know

Honesty, charity, respect, patience, gentleness, morality, humility, service

Having all the skills necessary to maintain a house, home, and family

To be well-rounded, with an understanding of many things, without obsession of any

What are your family's priorities?


Emily said...

I like that! I bought this sort of cheesy little tapestry at a yard sale, but it really describes my family philosophy so well that I put it up. It is titled "Home Rules," and the rules are listed, with scriptural references:

"Always be honest"
"Count your blessings"
"Bear each other's burdens"
"Forgive and forget"
"Be kind and tender-hearted"
"Comfort one another"
"Keep your promises"
"Be supportive of one another"
"Be true to each other"
"Look after each other"
"Treat each other like you treat your friends"
-but most important-
"Love One Another deeply from the heart"

This is what I want for our home - kindness and love, respect and honesty.

Elizabeth said...

I love both your goals and what Emily posted as well. I think that each are what most families strive for, even if they go about it or interpret it differently. Thanks for sharing.

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