Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Treasure Map

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Matthew 6:21

This year I decided to join in with the April New Moon Tradition of Treasure Mapping. The idea is to make a visual representation of my hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations for the coming year. It seems to me that making a visible reminder of where I want my heart to be is a good and productive thing.

For a description of how treasure mapping is typically done, see here
To start off with, the page is divided into 9 sections like this
1-abundance/wealth (things I want)
2-fame/reputation (how others see me)
3-relationship (marriage)
4-family (roots)
5-health and self (how I see me)
6-creativity and creation (including the people I've made--my kids)
7-self knowledge (and travel)
8-work and service
9-helpful people and angels (spirituality)

First I did a rough draft (on actual paper), dividing the page into the 9 sections, and then writing words into each area of what I wanted to put there. Some of my words were "glow" "wisdom" "stories" "clarity" "peace" "bless" "sisterhood" and so on.

Once I got on the computer, I chose to paint each section a separate color before I began putting on the images. Then I put on images that expressed the words I had chosen for each area. Some images are solidly within their category, some crossover between categories. That is intentional.☺

(you can double click on it to see it bigger)

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