Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tender Mercies and Little Joys

This morning's post was pretty dismal, I know. I was definitely in a depressed state both yesterday and this morning when I wrote it. However a good shower, a comfortable night's sleep, and just writing out all my story has been cathartic and I'm feeling better now. Not 100%, but better.
Our trip did have good parts, and that's what this post is about.
Tender Mercies
  • The new transmission for the van was under warranty--no monetary cost to us. They also fixed the back seat which has been stuck (it's supposed to be easily removable but we haven't been able to get it to pop loose in the last year or so).
  • When the van went kapoot (or, rather, when the transmission went kapoot) we were 1--in a decent sized city (Alaska only has a couple of those, and it's literally hundreds of miles between them) 2--that city had a Kia dealership (Our hometown does not, so if it had died at home we would have been worse off...)
  • All the kids are pretty good travelers
  • The audiobook "The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians" (thank you public library!) which got us through many hours in the car...and led to some amusing discussions of Greek Mythology as well.
  • Bear's bright orange pants (his favorites) which made it very easy to find him even on a crowded playground.
Little Joys
  • Seeing Bear's grins when we said that yes he could go on "the horses" (carousel) and when he picked out "the stripy horse" (zebra) and as he came around and around on his first carousel ride. (Daddy went next to him, because Mommy gets nauseous on merry-go-rounds.)
  • The fact that every time the carousel came around, Wolf was in a different position on the horse...

  • Wolf's getting up before anyone else and go out to chop wood...because he was so excited about being allowed to do the work. (OK, I think maybe we can get a wood stove now ☺)
  • Watching Bear run around everywhere barefoot--yes, including outside in campgrounds, over gravel, etc. He just likes being barefoot apparently. He took off his shoes at every opportunity.
  • Watching as Wolf grows into a great babysitter
  • I came home to four packages--three etsy trades plus a box from my secret sister.
  • A beautiful sunset over the ocean (at 11:15pm) and Mt Illiamna on the way home

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jenni, I am so glad that you could see the good after all that trouble! Its always the most difficult thing, finding the rainbow after all that rain, but in reflection we can always find the little COOL to meet that couple biking all the way north to south! I wonder if we'll read about them in NatGeo :) It would be awesome to say, "Hey, I met them!"

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