Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May FOs & WIPs

Finished Objects & Works In Progress

For self/family


♥ 1 diaper for eagle (I am really loving stripes right now, and I worked up a new soaker design that dries faster and I'm loving that too!)
♥ 1 diaper cover for Eagle (newly designed pattern--with gussets cuz my kids have skinny legs) (Thanks B for the cute fabric!!)
♥ 1 pair fleece pants for Bear (his favorite pants are fleece, and he loves them so much he even fishes them out of the dirty laundry basket so that he can wear them again...so I pulled out my fleece and let him pick a color and made him another pair of fleece pants. He picked neon orange--leftover from the hunting vest I made Hubby.)
♥ mending knees on 3 pairs of Wolf's pants

In Progress:

♥ second sleeve of Wolf's sweater (it's past the elbow...barely...)
♥ body of Wolf's sweater (I did do a few rows!)
<--- ♥ a pair of wool longies for Eagle
♥ a "vacation shirt" for Hubby ("Hawaiian shirt" style) with this sweet Alaskan fabric ---->

For shops/sale


♥ 1 diaper cover
♥ 4 wetbags

In Progress:

♥ 2 cloth pad value packs
♥ 1 more diaper cover (for trade)
♥ 2 diapers (for trade)


I also have four (yes FOUR!) trades going on right now.

1) Giving diapers and wetbags ---> from SweethavenArts getting several pairs of knitted socks (she has a sock knitting machine, which may be about the coolest thing I've ever seen!)

2) Giving nursing pads ---> from SevenAcreWoods getting handmade soap and alpaca fiber (from an appaloosa alpaca named Houdini!)

3) Giving a diaper ---> from BananaBottoms getting this diaper (because in a houseful of boys, obviously, I need all things camo!) --------->

4) Giving diapers, covers, and wetbags --->from Silverstarflower getting earrings and silver hair barrette (my earrings are this style but in silver and with a green stone)

See what can happen when you turn off the computer one day a week? ☺

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Carrie said...

Wow! I love your new diaper design with the gussets! Totally awesome!

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