Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kiddo Moments

Just a few moments from the last couple of weeks...


This last Sunday as we neared the end of our church meetings I could see that Wolf was tired and hungry and ready to go. We just needed to get through the closing hymn, so I encouraged him to open the hymnal and read along (he still struggles a little with reading fast enough to sing along with most of them). So he was sitting there with the book, following along, and as we got to the end he snapped the book shut...only he snapped it in that millisecond of silence after everyone has stopped singing and before the closing prayer has begun... The *pop* of the book closing resounded through the entire chapel. Wolf looked at me with what I can only describe as a hamster face: huge eyes and a tiny mouth.
I managed to not giggle.


Bear is in that beloved toddler stage wherein he is fascinated with the goodies he finds in his nose. (We call them "snuggerts.") The other day his nose was quite runny and at one point I told him I was going to wipe it (for the umpteenth time), and he said "no mommy, don't wipe my nuggerts, I'm gonna eat them!" and he licked his upper lip for emphasis.
A few days before that I was awakened by him standing over the edge of my bed, peering into my face at close range. "Mommy," he explained, "you have a nuggert, I'm gonna get it for you," and without further ado he stuck his finger into my nose and started digging around. Of all the ways to be wakened up, this is definitely not in my top ten!


I'm trying to help prepare Bear for the changes ahead with the impending birth of Eagle. I talked to him about how there was a little brother growing in my tummy, and that in a little while the brother would come out.
Bear shook his head "he not come out."
"Well he has to come out sometime honey, he can't stay in there forever."
"Baby come out right now?"
So I explained that the baby has to stay in for a while longer so he can get bigger, but that after the snow comes, then that is when the little brother will come.
Bear pointed knowingly to my belly button and said "he wiww [will] come out dere."
"Nope, he will come out the birth canal." (Both older brothers will be present for the birth, so I didn't feel the need to explain further at this point.)

Both boys like to hug and kiss my tummy and try to feel the baby kick. At bedtime we sing three songs--one for each boy. They enjoy helping pick which song to sing for little brother. A few nights ago I was laying on the bed next to Bear giving him some bedtime cuddles and he started wiggling his fingers around on my belly. I asked what he was doing.
"I'm tickling the baby."
Oh, ok, so I started giggling and wiggling a little for him in response. He thought that was great, so he tickled with renewed vigor...the problem is that my belly actually is ticklish, so for all of his amateur technique, it started to legitimately tickle, and I don't tolerate tickles very well on an already sensitive belly.
Let's just say it got a little bit crazy, involved much giggling from all parties, and probably delayed bedtime a good deal more than it should have. ☺


Mallory said...

So cute! I laughed so hard at the "nuggert" story!

Janeen said...

Weird, I keep seeing on my blog page, another entry after this one but when I come to your site, I only see this one as the most recent.

Kids definitely do some funny things though. My own daughter asked me, after seeing a little pond with some gold fish, where the fishing pole was. lol Too funny. Sorry hon, those fish are not for fishing!

Mommy Bee said...

Janeen, I did post something but only left it up briefly...I have written a couple of things which I've been scheduling to post over the coming couple of weeks as we're moving, but I accidentally forgot to re-set the date on one of them so it published now instead of in a week...so I pulled it and fixed that, but meanwhile a bunch of feed-readers got the message that there was a new post. :) Don't worry, the post will be back in a week or so. :)

Future Mama said...

Awww that is just too cute!! I love staying up past bedtime with family! Good times, good times! (but maybe not if you're mommy! lol).

Sorry it has been so long since I've said hi! I always enjoy reading about your cute family!! And I'm sooo ahppy to hear your pregnancy is going well.. I need to dig around to see what you're having!!

Nicawest said...

Cute! The other day my almost 4 year old ran into my bedroom saying that she wanted to tickle the baby! I thought it was so cute. I guess she isn't alone.

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