Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Use Cloth for WHAT?!

This was my initial reaction when I heard of cloth menstrual pads. I mean, blood, on fabric, on purpose? Ewww, right?
Then I started thinking.
  1. I'm ok with cloth diapers, and poop is grosser than blood.
  2. If I get some blood (menstrual or otherwise) on my clothing, I wash them...no big deal. It comes out pretty easily in fact.
  3. Disposable pads chafe (this is painfully evident when you have to use them postpartum for several consecutive weeks).
So I finally took the plunge and tried out cloth pads.
Oh wow!
Yes, they are a little bulkier than the disposables you are probably used to. They are also much softer and easier to get used to (wouldn't you prefer something a bit bulky that just feels like regular soft underwear over something thin that feels like plastic?). I have applied cloth diaper technology to my pads and they are very absorbent, extremely soft, leak-proof, and even wick moisture inside so that I'm not left feeling wet.
There are other advantages too. Cloth is eco-friendly of course, but if that were the only reason I would not have bothered with the switch. Besides the actual feel of the materials, the chemicals in disposable pads cause irritation for many girls/women. Most women report having shorter periods when using cloth pads. Many women say they have fewer or milder cramps (or none at all) when they use cloth. Cloth is respectful of yourself and your menstrual flow (menstrual blood is not a dirty thing that must be thrown away, it's just a part of yourself and who you are as a woman!).

If you've ever thought about trying cloth pads, I heartily recommend this site for all kinds of information about different styles, brands, and options. Personally, after looking through dozens of types of pads, I couldn't find anything I loved, so I made my own, which of course I now sell at LilBees. I have never found a style I like quite as well, but of course not everyone likes the same thing, so like I said, it's worth a visit to the Cloth Pad Reviews forum. (Yup, I just linked the same thing twice. It's worth a visit!)

If you have questions about the care/washing of cloth pads, let me know in the comments and I will post about that soon.

By the way, I know a few of my dear readers use my pattern (or my pads!) If you do so, would you be willing to leave feedback on it here. There are a lot of sellers listed there, and while I've had good feedback on etsy, I haven't gotten any feedback on this Cloth Pad Reviews forum and I'm feeling a little sad about it. You do have to register an account to post there, but it's free and it's not like you have to visit regularly...and I would sure appreciate having a little recognition there if you like my things!


Jessica said...

Okay, these seem really cool and I would purchase them except for two things: I hate wearing menstrual pads because they just get me messy and seem to need to be changed more often than a tampon (yes, I'm trying to get away from those, too). Also, how do you take care of the endometrium tissue that comes out? I notice that I sometimes get good size clots and I wonder what you would do with them on a cloth pad. Does it disintigrate in the wash or do you attempt to dump it in the toilet?
Sorry this is long, but it is me!
Thanks for the info!

Maria said...

I've been using the Diva Cup, and I like that a lot. It might be an option for someone who doesn't want to use a pad.

Christa said...

okay you are my hero...seriously. I want some of these. I have a really bad reaction to the chemicals and plastics in any feminine hygeine product available at a store. Somebody said to me a while back right after having my twins, that I should make my own. I was like "WHAT?!" They didn't actually mean it but I was intrigued, I guess I forgot about it...until today! I am so interested, I might try making them myself first, and if that fails how can I buy some?

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