Saturday, November 17, 2007

Resume of a Baby

Official Resume of S
living in the bush of Alaska
age 10 months

I'm a baby. I was born knowing how to nurse and grab stuff. I have now progressed through rolling, crawling, sitting, and am a walking intern.

**Peeing--in diaper or toilet or mommy's freshly-laundered jeans
**Splashing--in tub or doggie's water dish
**Smiling and laughing
**Playing with dog

**Pinching when and where least expected
**Nursing from any angle, including upside down, sideways, and while standing on my head with my bottom way up in the air. I am a genius at this.
**Getting into everything.
**Stealth pooping: this is exactly what it sounds like. I can poop without anybody realizing I have done it. This leads Mommy to be utterly unprepared when she opens the diaper to change me. I usually giggle a great deal about this.
**Making anybody fall in love with me with just one smile.

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