Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Want to Believe…

If you’ve ever seen the X-Files, you’ve probably seen Mulder’s poster. It’s a classic. In fact, Hubby even got a copy of it for his classroom.
Well, I want to believe. Not in aliens (I think the whole alien thing is goofy); but I believe in other things.
I believe in Sasquatch. No, I’ve never seen him, but I think that with millions of acres of wilderness, even a moderately intelligent creature could avoid ‘discovery’ indefinitely. I also read Rawitz’ book “The Long Walk” and his description of his sighting of a Yeti (the Himalayan Bigfoot) left me with little doubt as to the likelihood of such a creature.
I believe in Nessy. This one isn’t so much a realistic belief, I guess it’s more of a ‘want to believe’ belief, but I just love the idea of the Loch Ness Monster. And, after all, they found a coelacanth, so why not a plesiosaur?!
I believe in ghosts and angels and conspiracy theories.
I don’t believe in leprechauns, gnomes, trolls, minehooni, fairies, or other little people (although I pretend to!)
But Bigfoot, yeah, I definitely believe in Bigfoot. Go ahead, make fun of me. Hubby does. But I still believe, because I want to believe.


Leah said...

My boyfriend has that exact same poster.. maybe I should steal it for MY classroom?

Although I have a harder time believing in Bigfoot, not because I'm a skeptic, but because of this guy from my hometown.

There's quite the controversy among Bigfoot theorists whether or not Ray Wallace did what his family claims, but all I know is my grandpa worked with him and was more than likely in on something... ;)

Mae said...

I think it's our Pacific Northwest upbringing that enhances our ability to believe (or at least suspend disbelief) in Sasquatch.

Angels on the other hand I fully believe in. I call it my "Team Mae" that follows me around and protects me from my own stupidity. One member of "Team Mae" is my Little Grandma who died two weeks before I was born and as a two-year old I professed to have passed her in the corridor. She's my validator. The other members have less explicit functions, but one of them definitely accentuates my humor in situations (J, hence the reason I seem to laugh at inexplicable moments)

Anonymous said...

I think that Bigfoot and Nessy are probable and possible, After all, I did some study on the subject and found that, (in Bigfoot’s case) they have a video of him (Russian experts say it’s real) as well as pictures and sightings, and footprints and they captured one (Or something like one)alive! It only lived for about a year in captivity, and scientists (trying to avoid embarrassment) claimed it was a mutant gorilla.
In the case of Nessy, any scientist will tell you the sea is the most unexplored place on earth but i also find the whole idea cool. I don’t really believe in the whole ghost thing (probably because I DON’T want to) but I buy the angels and spirits thing.
But anyway, good topic.

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