Friday, January 5, 2007

Under Pressure

This baby has settled nice and LOW in the last few days. He was never very high, but I now have constant pelvic pressure, and it's getting old. Just over two weeks till his official due date, but we're talking to him daily and telling him that we're ready for him so he can go ahead and come whenever he's ready...and it sure would be nice if he decided to be ready a little before that seemingly very distant due date!
I get contractions on and off all the time now--not little braxton-hicks, but real authentic contractions that don't go away with water or rest or trips to the potty...on the other hand, these lovely authentic contractions are not forming into any kind of pattern, they are just coming and going as they please...mostly coming. One more reason to think it probably won't be too much longer...we're definitely getting warmed up here!
With any luck I won't have anything else to post until I put the birth story. :-)

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