Thursday, December 7, 2006

Spinning Babies

I don't know if anybody will ever read this blog...maybe someday I'll actually give out the link and then I suppose people will! LOL. Meanwhile, I'll add an entry every so often to just spout off, and we'll see if it ever gets interesting...
I have just been re-reading at about how to make sure my baby is in a good position for birthing. It's amazing how many women (and even how many doctors) dont' take the simple steps to keep the baby facing back, thus leading to posterior ("sunny-side up") babies and horrible back labor for the mother. It's not really that hard a thing to correct...but you have to go to the effort to actually do it! Proper postures and sleeping positions in the months prior to delivery can make all the difference in the world in a short straightforward labor vs. a long horribly painful one! And yet this goes ignored by obstetrical practitioners and the world at large...why should this have to be an undercurrent movement? Why aren't doctors handing out brochures on this alongside the brochures on gestational diabetes and how to cope with morning sickness? Because there's money in not doing so! A posterior baby means a longer harder labor--that increases the liklihood that mom will want medication ($$$ for doctor) and the interference of medications increases the liklihood of a cesarean (cha-CHING more $$$). When did medicine stop being driven by the desire to take care of people, and start being driven by the desire to get money? It's so sad. It's pathetic. It's sick and wrong is what it is. I know there are still a few good doctors out there...but the profession in general...can you blame me for not trusting them?!

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