Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lights in the Darkness

Winter in the arctic is long and dark. Actually we are coming out of it now (only a couple of weeks left until equinox), but in exchange, we get something that you in lighter parts of the world do not:

The Aurora

in spite of the variety of colors I see in other photos, ours here are pretty much just green

but I did take these photos from my living room
unfortunately the video I froze my tooshie off to get just shows darkness...
with a lot of me whispering "they're so bright!"

There is actually another thing that lights up the dark days:

and they're even multi-colored!


Michele said...


Those gorgeous lights in the sky are one of the reasons I would LOVE to visit Alaska!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, those are neat. I need to go to Alaska and see it for myself. The boys are getting big!

Katrina said...

How did those kiddos get so big so fast?! Eagle doesn't even look like the same kid compared with the last pic I saw of him!

Color Me Black said...

Love the Lights! It's the one thing I really love about Alaska. Let's hope we can come visit before you leave. :)

Teresa said...

That would be so neat to see like you get to! Beautiful.

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