Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moving to the Bush (again)

These plans have been in the works for a while, but since nothing was set in stone I didn't want to broadcast too much or too early. However, Hubby has a job for this fall and we will be moving to Kotzebue this summer. Yes, I am now again revealing the actual city we live in. If you go look at the map, you will see why I am comfortable telling the world where we're going: if someone wants to steal a kid they don't go do it in Koztebue!

So, first things first. It's pronounced "cots-ih-biew" (rhymes with 'view'), but most folks seem to call it "Kotz." There are about 3500 people, so it is similar in size to where we've been the last two years. I have had mixed feelings about returning to the bush, but I know that this will not be like living in Pelican. Kotz has 3 planes a day (jets!), so the hit-or-miss seaplanes will not be an issue. There will be mail in and out every day. There is a grocery store (which is open regularly, and well-stocked, in spite of milk being $11/gallon). We initially found it difficult to find a place to rent that was large enough for us (3 bedrooms) and also would allow us to bring our dog--for a while we thought we might have to leave her with a foster family for the year--but we did finally find a little house and we're very excited about it. We hope to be getting things signed on that soon.

In the meantime, as we've made our plans for moving, we ended up deciding to all drive 'down south' (the lower 48) to replace the roof on our house in Utah, and then to take our van to my folks in Washington. We won't be taking the van to Kotz, and leaving it with my folks seemed like the best option because they can get some use out of it. But we have to get it down there! It will be a very fast trip, considering the milage involved, but that's how the schedule had to play out. SO instead of having two months to get everything together and ready to go, we have  closer to one, AND in addition to packing for moving, I also need to do the sorting of packing for a family trip. We're getting rid of lots of things as well...plus for some reason I'm expected to continue to feed everybody and keep up with laundry during all of this. Whose idea was that anyway?!
Furthermore, once we get to Kotz it will likely be a couple of weeks before we have things like internet all set up...because that's just how life goes, you know?
So if I don't post much over the coming couple of months, now you know why.☺


ashley @ ashley's adventures in alaska said...

Wow, you've got a busy month ahead of you! Congrats on the move to Kotzebue. I love that you guys take off for new places and new adventures.

Michelle Simpson Photos said...

I hope your whirlwind packing and trip down to the Lower 48 has/is going well! I admire your courage to live in Kotzebue!

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