Friday, May 15, 2009

Facebook Friday (evening edition)

Ha, it's Friday again and I nearly missed it (again).

Highlights from the last two weeks...

Saturday 5/2
Jenni is delighted that the pull-ups I got for Bear for nights have cars on them. Bear is delighted about the new "car underpants." Now I will wash and pack the last of the cloth diapers (which he was using at night, but I'm pretty sure he's staying dry...I just wanted the little 'disappearing dots' on the pull-ups for a few weeks to make sure!)

Monday 5/4
12:47 pm
Jenni's husband has two job leads today!

Tuesday 5/5
11:01 am
Jenni is enjoying the shorter haircut now that the sun has finally feels springy and spunky and cute. :)

Wednesday 5/6
Jenni is praying for Hubby's job interview this afternoon to go well. Also she's craving a strawberry milkshake...but the job interview seems more important.
4:51 pm
Jenni is very happy that Hubby's interview went well. Now it's ok for me to obsess a little more about that strawberry milkshake (which I will have to get in about three weeks...when we hit mainland...)
[I subsequently found out that it's possible to get one here in town...rural prices are not at all the same as mainland prices, but hey, it's possible to get the pregnant woman a strawberry shake...]

Thursday 5/7
Jenni is impressed that the 2yo has slept the last two nights in plain regular underpants...but sad that last night he cried a lot about not nursing.
Jenni just got a strawberry milkshake!! (Bear filched a large portion of it, assuring me that it was actually his...oh well, I used the opportunity to tell him about how it's great to be a big boy--and give up nursing--because then you can get cool stuff like milkshakes!)
10:02 pm
Jenni tucked two boys in in one big bed (mine), and now they have both gone to sleep and need to be carried to their own beds...or maybe Hubby and I should just sleep in Wolf's's a double...hmmmmmmm.

Friday 5/8

Jenni is tired...and frustrated...but hopeful! [on this day we thought we had a job offer but then it was actually not an official offer it was a call of interest, but they do seem very very interested!]

Saturday 5/9
12:57 pm
Jenni wants a strawberry milkshake again. :s
3:35 pm
Jenni has done 2 loads of laundry and packed 4 boxes today. check! check! oo, that to-do list is shrinking!

Sunday 5/10
4:34 pm
Jenni has tickets to come to Utah this summer!

Monday 5/11
7:49 am
Jenni is thrilled that Bear slept through the night last night *in*his*own*bed!!

Tuesday 5/12
4:00 pm
Jenni just tried the priceline "name your own price" thing for the first time...and will soon be staying in Juneau's luxury Baranof hotel for less than the Super 8 price!

Wednesday 5/13
Jenni had a dream last night that she gave birth to a girl...then she woke up to find that Bear had slept through the night in his own bed again. Mmmm, what a great morning!

Thursday 5/14
8:46 am
Jenni feels very fat today
2:18 pm
Jenni is pleased to announce that Bear fell asleep for his nap without nursing for the second day in a row. Yes, I am shamelessly using movies to accomplish this, but the point is the not-nursing, right?

Friday 5/15
Jenni's goal for the day: find a storage unit place to hold our stuff for the summer
Jenni got chinese takeout for dinner. Yes, it had to be flown in. Mmmm, my hubby loves me!


Christa said...

you missed a name!

Mommy Bee said...

oo, thanks Christa!
Fixed it!

Becky said...

I like Facebook Friday and I might very well steal the idea if I had a Facebook account. As it is, I will just read yours.

How much hair did you cut off?

And I'm anxiously awaiting news about a job for your husband. Nowhere near as anxiously as you are, but excited nonetheless.

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