Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WFMW--Messy Eaters

Every time we go out to eat I am reminded of something: paper napkins are useless when you're trying to clean up a kid. The napkins shred and tear, bits of napkin stick to the kid, and very little of the goomp comes off.
Many families use cloth napkins. This is definitely an improvement, but they're still dry, and still lack the ability to cleanse a child who has truly gotten into his dinner.
[here I was going to put a picture of a really messy kid...but Bear just doesn't get that messy]
So what do I do? Oddly enough, I do exactly what my mother taught me: I have a set of washcloths that I keep in the kitchen for fingers and faces. At each meal I just bring the fresh damp cloth to the's quick and easy to clean up kids, but is also very helpful for mommy and daddy when we get sicky fingers. Also it's eco-friendly, and you all know how I favor that!

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Carolyn said...

ITA! I have always had washcloths in the kitchen specifically for their messy faces and hands after eating. We also use cloth napkins, which aren't that great for cleaning kids up. Do people really use napkins for washing kids' faces after dinner? I had no idea! It is so impractical that I thought everybody used washcloths.

Anonymous said...

Great tip! I'm going to keep some in the kitchen. We do all white and we have lots of them, just need to grab a stack. Thanks!


Thia said...

And you can get a good size stack for a reasonable price at wal mart.

NessaAnn said...

Wow. I just started doing that exact thing about three weeks ago and it really is the magic answer! We never use washcloths in the bathroom, so I took all those, put them in a drawer in the kitchen, and voila! Clean toddler!

Anonymous said...

That is a good idea. :)

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