Monday, July 30, 2007

A Little Story

So, Jim Brown walks into Mr Mac clothing store. He walks over to a salesman and says
"I have been thinking about getting a new suit. I have heard that styles are changing, and that my 10yr old suit is probably not very 'in' anymore...but I'm not sure if I really need one or not. Can you give me some advice?"
The salesperson, of course, sells Jim a suit. It's his job. He gets paid to convince people that they need suits.

The same afternoon, Jim's wife, Jane, takes their baby to the pediatrician. Jane is remarkably like her husband. She is chatting with the doctor, and says
"I have been thinking about vaccinations. I have heard that they have some dangerous ingredients, and can have frightening side effects. I'm not sure if I should get them for my baby."
The doctor, of course, sells Jane on vaccinations. It's his job. He gets paid to convince people that they need vaccinations.

Is anyone else bothered by the idea of asking your local doctor or health department for advice about vaccinations?!
Do you see why we cannot ask the salesman? Why we need to do the research at the source?
I do not think that doctors are evil, malicious people who are just out to get a buck. I DO think that they are busy people, and do not have time to keep up with they read summaries and listen to people who take them out to dinner and give them free samples... No doctor has the right to make decisions for your child's health; to give advice, sure, but to make the final decision? No. YOU are the parent, and YOU have the right--and the responsibility--to make those decisions.
Stand up. Be responsible. Do the research. Make the choices!


Caitlin said...

I am behind you 100% on this one. :)

Bronwyn said...

I agree. But do you think this scares new parents a little? Or maybe a lot? There's already a ton to worry about being a parent. Now you have to be a scholar in vaccinology as well? I'm thinking about this in terms of helping other new or soon-to-be parents. How do we do that without making them lose sleep at night?

Brightonwoman said...

I agree it's overwhelming. That is one reason I have tried to get a lot of that information into a user-friendly format here on my blog. If you search 'vaccination' here you can find my accumulated research on each one. I researched 1-the disease itself (symptoms, side effects, lasting results) and 2-the vax itself (effectiveness rates, side effects, etc). I did this partly to help myself in making these decisions, but also with the hope that it will help other parents who are trying to slog through the information out there. I stayed away from emotional personal stories and hearsay, and stuck to the official facts--medical research, package inserts, and the CDC's official stat book.

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